Short but Sweet

I didn’t intend to run today, the weather was horrendous so I wrote it off. Then the sun peeked out and I was itching to get out even though I had a fair bit to get done in work I wanted to get home and straight out for a quick run. So I burned through my workload at an alarming rate (I’ll pick up the pieces later) I swear and motored on home at a rate of knots just in time to get out of the door before dusk. For some reason I dont mind coming back in the dark, it’s going out in it that I don’t do… go figure, some psychological shennanigans going on there.

So I managed to fit in a single run to the beach and back – Route here

As I was short on time (I’m going to admit I hardly warmed up – My warmups … meh I’ll talk about those another time) I left my phone at home, no music and no gps tracking. Usually I run with music, especially longer runs but sometimes it’s good to hear the waves on the beach so i’ll remove headphones for much of the time.  Today all I could hear was the wind blasting into my face as I ran down to the beach, I swear it picked up as soon as I got home. Then of course instead of a tailwind on the way home it subverted into an evil crosswind. The wind does this to runners intentionally I believe, its probably karma for challenging nature.

At the beach the tide was right in so I had a quick scout for any interesting driftwood (another foible of mine) but there was nothing that caught my eye and turned to go back and realised that it was now gone twilight and i’d be running through the supposedly haunted woods in the dark (Woooooooooo scary – Actually it’s easy to laugh sat here in the warm in front of the computer but running this trail in the dark does give me goosebumps i’ll admit)

I also realised that without my phone I had no way of contacting anyone if I was to trip or break an ankle while on the beach or trail.  One of the drawbacks of living and running alone is that no-one is going to notice if you don’t come home. Unless my cats work out how to call emergency services and then rapidly develop human speech i’m pretty screwed and lets face it they’re going to devote 100% of their energies to opening the food cupboard.

So i’ll have to either drag myself to civilisation on broken limbs or wait until I’m found by a random fisherman or runner. Maybe i’ll be eaten by demented sheep or horse. Perhaps this is the trail runners equivalent of being eaten by alsations.

I’ll take my phone in future I think no matter how short the run. I digress.

I deliberately ran a quicker pace than usual today due to the shortened distance which was interesting. I found it far more difficult to control my breathing.  In fact I completely let my breathing get out of control until I forced myself to calm it down. A strange sensation. I don’t usually focus on breathing at all. At the pace I usually go it doesn’t seem to concern me unless it’s a long drawn out uphill.  It’s certainly something i’m going to do a bit of research into. Not that pace really bothers me but I must admit running quickly over technical sections was quite fun.

Soooo … short run = long random post it seems

Not today and not a demented sheep but the only animals I seem to have photographed on my runs – I bet they would nibble me a bit if I was helpless!





Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

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