Of runs and rockfalls

Today was another get home from work and get out there epic. Slightly earlier tonight so no haunted woods tonight just a slightly dim woods. The route was exactly the same as yesterday – down to Cwm Nash beach for high tide and back.

I felt great while running today, some days you feel like you’re flying, the muscles weren’t aching or twinging and I concentrated on my breathing. I flew down there despite wanting to make today an easy run, it was just a great feeling to bounce down the rocky trail, I felt in control of my movements. It made me feel happy I guess =) This running lark is certainly good for the mind!

On the way back and uphill I found myself pushing the pace along without consciously doing it. I was making sure my breathing stayed even and I was almost sprinting at one point. When I decided enough was enough I slowed it down and managed my breathing back to a good level with no issues.  Looks like i’m learning about my body every day.

Of other note today was a “rockfall” at the beach. Its more of a soft chalk slide to be honest. Where the Cwm meets the beach the cliffs go very low and consist of a very soft chalk. Interestingly there are very old graves situated here. This section of the coast is notorious for shipwrecks (Including ships lured to the rocks by wreckers) and the Nash Sandbar which sits out in the Bristol Channel has doomed its fair share of vessels.

So the remains that have been found are either that of sailors or monks who formed the monastery further inland (near my home) at Monknash. In fact I run through the ruins of the Monastery every time I head for the beach. More info on the graves can be found here Telegraph report on Monknash



I had a look along to see what else the erosion had uncovered and noticed a piece of what appears to be wooden planking jutting out, perhaps something to do with burials, i’m not sure.

Worlds worst archaeological photo


From above its just as unspectacular, though the artistically balanced pebble is nice


When I see things like this I wonder about the lives of the people who lived around here all those hundreds of years ago. What did they think? What drove them on?  So many stories that could be told but we will never know.

I may write more about the monastery again, this post might remind me. I used to be fascinated with the ruins and then life took over when I ran the pub next door to them …. Another story for another day.

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

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