Beachcombing run part 2

Haven’t been out for a few days as I promised myself I would take a rest day or two when my body told me to. It’s quite amazing I listened to myself, I don’t normally.  So off I trotted on a windfree evening for a quick spin of the legs.  Sadly the tide was in so I couldn’t run along the beach … Or could I?

That looks kind of runnable to me!

Indeed it was kind of runnable as in kind of not runnable too.  And that is probably the worst sentence I have ever written … ever.  I got around halfway with no major issues (I did know the tide was going out not coming in, I’m not that much of an idiot) but then the only option was swim or run on the bigger rocks.

More of an obstacle course than a running track

While trying to not break an ankle I was also on the lookout for any interesting flotsam, jetsam or driftwood in the vincinity when this caught my eye.

Shiny and smooth and I could imagine making a bench or shelf or canoe for pygmys or anything!

Only problem being I was now around two miles from home in the middle of the rocky part of the beach with the entire route home being uphill.  Was I going to lug this piece of wood that distance?  Dear reader of course I was.  I ran most of the way back with this awkward, top heavy and just plain heavy (I think it’s a bit waterlogged) piece of wood but you know what?  It hurt more than a much longer run but I got a great sense of satisfaction from managing to get it back.

Now it will probably sit in the hallway for six months while I procrastinate.

Tomorrow hopefully a long run!

Had to lug it back from the far point of the run. Hence the sloooooooow time. Not that I was rushing anyway to be honest. You can’t rush a good beachcomb

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

8 thoughts on “Beachcombing run part 2”

  1. Wow that terrains looks HARD! Hat off to you! Please don’t be 6 months making something out of that wood. I’m intrigued lol

    Hope you enjoyed your rest. I need to learn about self imposed rest days lol

    Hope you enjoy your long run tomorrow. Oh and try and find spoils a little closer to home 😉

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    1. I’ve just promised to post as soon as I decide what to do with it lol I cant find spoils closer to home, the beach is where it is! Enjoy any running you do this weekend =)


  2. Gareth we have to talk! You cannot possibly wait 6 months until showing the driftwood photos. Please have mercy with all of us. At least tell us what you are procrastinating to make out of it or some rough idea! You can change it later …
    On another topic: way to go listening to your body. Enjoy your long run tomorrow. I’ll be heading out as well, but not sure if hills or something else … we have the same bad tide at the moment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. But it’ll take me that long to decide what to do! Ok I promise to post as soon asive made my mind up, deal? Tides ok for a weekend, 9ish I think, cant wait, enjoy yours!

      Liked by 1 person

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