Bouncy Dancy Happy

Today was a lovely day to run …. and without any other distractions such as kayaks I did! In fact I didn’t just run I bounced. In fact I didn’t just run and bounce I danced too. I was in such a good mood – It’s friday after all with a weekend of fine weather, running, old friends and rugby ahead of me – that I found myself perfecting my running dance moves. Come on you must do this? Or is it just me? Uptempo songs (in this case the most excellent Dub Pistols album Woshipping the Dollar)  make me want to groove when its sunny, so I waggle my fists over … and shake my ass a bit  over there ….. and bounce to the beat in step with the trail and nod my head …. just so and point over …. there and point over ….. there and yeaahhhhhh it’s good.

Ok perhaps it’s just me – but if you haven’t tried this then have a go.  Slow down a bit if it’s your first time and it’s best on an even trail although rockier trails are more fun and challenging to get the steps right without decking it into a tree. Then keep running but let the music take your stride and pacing over, instead of running straight it’s more of a hop from side to side while keeping the momentum going (downhill is a good place to start) once you got the legs moving right forget the uniform arm pumping of a normal run and bring those arms into action, point, conduct, do whatever you feel fits the music!

Luckily I run alone so people don’t feel embarrassed by me and there’s never anyone around to witness this but it doesn’t matter anyway, having fun is perfectly acceptable even if the worlds thought police would rather you toe the misery line.

Next time you’re flagging on a run and you have some music with you try it, it breaks it up, it makes you smile plus next time you’re on a real dancefloor it’s going to be shock and awe when people see your moves!

Yep i’m in a good mood today people- Hope you are too!

With sunsets like this no wonder I’m in a good mood


Sunset at Monknash beach

Rocks and rockpools





Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

2 thoughts on “Bouncy Dancy Happy”

  1. How could you not be in a good mood with scenery like that!

    I often play air drums or guitar on my run and sing. I suppose I’m expelling too much energy but who cares I have fun.

    Have a great weekend

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