Head 2 – Heart 1 (own goal)

I hadn’t run this week until today. I woke up on monday morning with a sore and painful ankle. I don’t remember damaging it on sunday and it didn’t hurt on sunday night at all. Weird, the ankle fairies must have been during the night and battered it with their anti-running hammers. I did vault a five bar gate to avoid a queue of walkers at a stile so that might have been it but there was no pain at the time. Then again I was running quickly and the adrenaline was flowing.

Anyway what’s done is done and I was so sensible and proud of myself on monday and tuesday for not running on it even though I could feel it improving. Then today the weather was just so perfect! I got home earlier than usual ….. and the heart won. In fairness I only did 4 miles! I could have done many more feeling the way I did. But it really started to pain me on way home and now its hurting much more … So I am officially stupid and learning another lesson the hard way =( Whats odd is that the pain is moving around the foot, it’s now more on the base and shin. There’s probably some sensible medical explanation for it but I think the main cause is me being a tool.

On the bright side the rest of me felt awesome today, I didn’t feel out of breath or even slightly tired, I know it’s only 4 miles but that used to kill me. I guess thats an indication of how far I’ve come. Mentally I’ve come to consider 4 miles as a short distance and I’m actually disappointed when I can’t go further. That I think is a good sign.

Plus more photos – The sun was shining on a lovely spring day =)

Sea at Monknash beach
Reflective rockpools
Traeth Mawr cliffs in spring sunshine
More cliffs
Running on thse rocks could be the culprit too
Same cliffs different angle
Crossing the stream on the way home

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

9 thoughts on “Head 2 – Heart 1 (own goal)”

  1. Might be your body telling you that you need a break … or your head … who knows who is in charge these days. I’m not even gonna ask you about your resting heartrate and if it changed … the sun and waves will win.

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    1. Ummmm I dont know what my resting heartrate is! Perhaps I shouod find out one day. I think hearts in charge but youre right this injury is a chance to recharge so I shall do it this time I swear!


  2. Take time on that recovery. I imagine you’re icing on and off? And of course, drink plenty of tea. Hoping for a speedy recovery to you, elevate your legs when you can. Even sit against the wall with your back on the floor and legs going up against the wall, maybe a pillow under you. At the very least, you’ll have fun looking silly.

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    1. Yep gonna spend the evening upsidedown – unfortunately my job keeps me on my feet almost constantly so I guess I’ll rest it when I can. Its frustratiing when suns out!

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  3. Temptation to run on am injury is enormous specially when you feel good in other ways. Easy to trick yourself into thinking it will be on. Hope the ankle fairies aren’t like the tooth faerie and you don’t wake up with it missing and 50p in its place 😝

    Hope it heals soon

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    1. Cheers im looking on the bright side. Ive learned a lesson without too much damage and its a good time to rest up anyways. Every cloud and all that jazz!


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