Pedals and Pints

So yesterday I decided I needed to forget about the foot and go and do some training on the bike – See this post for the first bikeventure

The weather was most springlike so off I pedalled with a different sort of cross training in mind. As it was the final day of my holidays firstly I took it easy down to the Horseshoes in Marcross for pint 1

Horsehoes Marcross


It was nice to loll about in the garden and enjoy the sun and not have a care in the world. No-one knew where I was and no-one cared. I could go and do what I pleased!

Next I rode back up the hill to the Plough and Harrow in Monknash – Quite a familiar place to me – seeing as I lived there and ran it for 5 years between 2006 and 2011. I run past the back of this place every day when I’m mobile.

I actually forgot to tajke a photo yesterday so this is one from a few years back – Note Soaky guarding the entrance


At the Plough I had pint 2 – Happy Daze cider from Gwynt Y Ddraig.  The easiest going of their ciders at only 4.5%. This was not a day for Black Dragon.

Just the one and onwards – the legs were feeling great and I was feeling refreshed – Luckily I can ride around this area with barely a car in sight. Which was lucky as I was headed to the Fox and Hounds – Around 4 or 5 miles away in the next village. I took a circuitous backroad to avoid traffic and enjoy the scenery.

Tiny weeny roads and plenty of fields

Time was on my side and I was in no rush.

Fox and Hounds St Brides

I decided that I had enough cider for now and so switched to my staple diet – After all it was important to keep my strength up and as we all know Guinness is good for you!


I checked over my vital signs for any sign of fatigue or dehydration. To be on the safe side I had another Guinness

Guinness 2

I now had to get back to Wick for my next rendevouz but theres a fearsome hill in the way. Before that however I discovered that I could still ride with no hands!

Look ma no hands!

At this point I was clearly in danger of face planting but decided I could take photos while riding. Today it doesn’t seem such a good idea.

I managed somehow to get to Wick in one piece and popped into the Star Inn to have a Strongbow in case my fluid levels were dropping


Medicinal Strongbow

I had some friends in here having a post work pint so I felt it would have been rude to leave right away so I had another Guinness.


Spot the peanuts in the back – I was sensibly taking on food and salt at this point.

I also at this point apparently stopped taking photos too. I next visited teh Lamb and Flag in Wick whereupon I kind of started to lose track of my calorie intake.

I suspect I had another 3 or 4 Guinness but remembered my trusty steed had no lights I was actually sensible enough to head home before dark! Luckily from Wick to my home is only a mile or so and all downhill.

All in all I’d call this a successful days training, I probably covered around 15 miles on the bike. My foot didn’t hurt at all and I had a super-relaxing time just enjoying doing what I liked.

Please don’t try this at home unless you A) live out in the sticks like me and have very small chance of being run over. B) Are able to ride a bike after 10 pints C) Dont have work the next day



Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

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  1. Love this! I have often thought about doing a pub run! A pub ride is an ingenious idea

    Love the style of this blog. Felt I was getting drunk with you

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