It’s the ups that hurt

Spring sun and a recovering foot = hill reps!  Yes indeed my new found way of screwing myself over without too much pain on the ankle. half a dozen or so fast sprints up and a slow descent was enough. Now it’s my calves and thighs hurting so thats ok right?  Still perhaps isn’t the most sensible to do too much on it as it’s still painful when I strike hard on flat ground so will lay off it now until at least the weekend. But today I just couldn’t resist.

Can you blame me?

Tides in!
How blue is that sky?
Bring it on hill! – Oh yeah you’re a hill – you just sit there and hurt me then
Spring flowers V2

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

14 thoughts on “It’s the ups that hurt”

  1. I can reprimand you not can I offer you advice about RICE as I violently ignore any cries of resistance from my body when Im injured. Just hope you recover quickly and you aren’t in too much pain to make yourself a relaxing cuppa. Fab photos as aways

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  2. Man, I’m going to go visit you just to run all these places you keep posting pictures of. When Donald Trump leaves me his millions and jet plane that is so don’t stock the frig yet. Right now I can’t afford to gas for my car.

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    1. Awwwwww but but but ….. ok not the brightest idea, I’m being patient again honest! To be fair the sprints are fine as theres no impact apart from on my toes …. I’m telling myself this. Good to see you back

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      1. Haha I like your reasoning – I am being sensible though. Have dropped out of a half this sunday to be ready for one in 2 weeks – though god knows what condition the rest of me will be in for a half by then!


  3. Ahhhh, I’d love to run that area for a while. I’d probably lose motivation and fall into the lush hillside. And be careful with that injury! Rotations and elevation at home!

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