A break in the weather and some advice

The rain has stopped! Yersterday was dreaful but today just the wind remains – I wasn’t intending on running as I have to play cricket later but felt so lazy for not getting out so I did a quick 6 1/2 miles on the beach where of course I spotted some things!

First up though some technical training advice. On many of my runs I have to “step” up onto different levels of rocks. This means using (I presume) the hamstrings and glutes. For example these rocks.


Ok so the scenario is im approaching this step which is around 3 feet high I’d guess. When I’m fresh it’s not an issue as I have the strength to just pop myself up it but in the later stages of the run when fatigued I don’t have the upper leg strength to power myself up in one move or rather my leg muscles feel tighter and don’t allow me the range of movement to get up there easily. So what exercises are best to improve this sort of movement?

Onto the things I saw!

Someone made this …

A throne!  Of course I sat on it and waited for my loyal subjects to swear fealty. After around 5 seconds of this I also noticed they had built it far too close to the cliffs for comfort so abdicated.
Blue skies again – Admittedly they didn’t last long
More blue skies and actually turned out I caught the best part of the morning
Trail gear for horses!
The Romeo and Juliette of the equine world – This gate cannot stop our love!

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

9 thoughts on “A break in the weather and some advice”

  1. Love the horses! And the throne of course, it’s not everyday you can rule the world. For the upper leg muscles…do you have any stairs you can run up? I have a couple sets I practice on and I think it’s helped a lot…

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  2. Love the horse in DriFit! 😂
    Squats baby… Straight up squats… Squats stepping forward… Squats stepping sideways… And some butt cheek ones too!
    If all else fails Prof Google to the rescue!


  3. 1. That is called a fly sheet. It helps keep the flies from biting his skin. 🙂 2. Try box jumps or step ups. Look them up. You can vary the height. Also, glute bridges also help.

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