(Barely) Human Guinea Pig

First day back in work and I promised myself a run. If I promised myself anything in the past it would have been a pint or a takeaway – no more lol

Anyway off I went and it was beautiful at the beach but sadly the tide was on its way in so I sped around the rocks for a while and took some photos.

Tide = In
Sea = Beautiful

I was thinking this week about sunday and the start of the half marathon which – even though I hung around at the back still made me start off faster than I usually would alone and why when I pride myself in doing things my way (for better or worse I admit) I would change my pace just because others were doing different.

Although it was only a few minutes a mile faster than i would normally have run I definitely felt it throughout the morning. So today as I mentioned the tide was in so I decided to do hill sprints for a while … until I could no longer do hill sprints and basically deliberately set out to blow myself up.  I think I read or heard it somewhere about once you’ve gone too far into the red there’s no recovery. Not even if you rest for a long while it just doesn’t come back that easy. So today I donned my best lab coat and took one for science.

I sprinted this hill repeatedly.


Until I could run no more. Jelly legs – check.  Heaving chest and desire to heave in general – check.  Then I took a rest until everything felt back under control and normal. And ran home. And wow was I buggered. Even after the rest I was instantly back in trouble without doing anything more than a gentle jog.

I know you will all say – Ummm we knew this anyway so what did you do that for?

Well I knew it too, I’d heard it enough but now I will REMEMBER it. I’m going to call it Runners Pandoras Box. Burying yourself = opening the box  and once its open youre screwed because you cant shove it all back in.

PS I’m also a trained idiot. DO NOT try this at home


Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

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