Went looking for my mojo

Found it down the back of the sofa, made it fix my Garmin which it kindly did then took them both to the beach. Seven and a half miles in around an hour and a half with plenty of rock hopping and general zooming around. Mojo and I are friends again and the sun came out to celebrate.

Hello sunshine

If ever you need a happy song try a dose of this. Plus they’re Welsh!

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

12 thoughts on “Went looking for my mojo”

      1. My mojo needs to clear out all the boxes and work out how to order said treadmill with a plan to co ordinate delivery for day when I can be in! Poor mojo is overwhelmed with such an organisational task in the face of currently carrying out the outcomes of prior organisations ( no 2 birthday celebration!!) ickle fluffy bunnies have very small brains!
        What kind of a mojo do you have anyway, Gareth?

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      2. Like you say, I think the change in seasons gets everyone to look at their motivation, because suddenly it changes – which way depends on which hemisphere you are in😊

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