The one I forgot to put a title on

Up with the proverbial lark (if this particular lark got up at 9) and headed straight for the beach as the sun was shining and I wanted to get a 10 miler done. I have plans for another tomorrow but will see how everything feels before making a decision (plus its just started raining).

I started towards Marcross and had no idea which way to go so I decided to do a figure of eight, 2 beaches, 2 cliffs which work out at around 10 miles. It’s definitely getting easier slowly, I’ve noticed that at the end of 10 miles I’m not particulary tired though then again I stop to take a load of photos 😉

As usual it was a beautiful and peaceful morning to run, didn’t meet a soul for the first hour or so
Up the hill of doom
For at the top of the hill of doom you get the view of lovlieness
Not the same beach as photo one – they just look similar due to the headlands
View from above the beach
That dot is a kestrel – It hovered without moving an inch for around five minutes (while I munched on a honey and raisin thingy
Met this beauty who came so say hello. Haven’t seen her before …
Or her Hannibal Lecter like friend – I guess this one’s a biter
However they were the best of buddies!

Runs like that make all the aches and pains just fade away



Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

4 thoughts on “The one I forgot to put a title on”

  1. Oh maaan those beaches!!!! You are so lucky to live right there!!
    We are heading down to Devon and Cornwall via Wales next week for half term… can’t wait to get to the beaches!!!! Hoping to convince hubby to stay in the UK… convinced those beaches will do *fingers crossed*


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