Racing the unraceable

Finished work and flew to the beach, it was going to be a close run thing but I knew the sun was going to disappear in a matter of minutes. Skates on!

Going.Β  Just in time to see it start setting over Devon (NB not a giant shark fin)
Going. Still see it?

So I raced the sun. Next up why not the tide which was coming in but had left me a small window of opportunity.

A stretch of sand is all I need.

Flew down the sand and back up before the tide hit the pebbles. Raced the tide.

Also of note was this fresh rockfall

Judging by the fresh dirt it went last night or this morning.
Oddly enough I had taken a photo of this section last month as I noticed that the “pavement” under the cliff was strangely clear for once – I also ran along it ….

So it will be interesting to see how the sea removed the new fall and I intend to photograph it through time.

Amazing the things you can do and find in a quick 4 mile run!


Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

4 thoughts on “Racing the unraceable”

  1. I’d have been so tempted to have a look in those rocks for fossils- then I’d be dead, drowned by the tide! Just as well that I don’t live in such a temptingly beautiful and interesting place! Well it is temptingly beautiful and interesting in daylight but I’m at work then. 😬 Why didn’t I become a teacher? ☺️

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