2 miles of ass haulin’ and 5 of haulin’ ass

I think that sums up my runs at the moment. Always around 2 miles befor it feels good and I want to do more and more! Hop skip jump around the beach.

Run all the rocks! And past the fishermen!
Past the fishing boat
Past rocks with holes
Past the rockfall – No real change yet – Perhaps this tide thing takes longer than i thought. Im so impatient

Oh yeah and I took a look at runkeeper which I rarely do these days and sometime last week I passed my 1000th running mile!Ā  In fcat I’m on 1020 now :pĀ  Damn I really am no good at stats

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

7 thoughts on “2 miles of ass haulin’ and 5 of haulin’ ass”

  1. you know, i really AM envious of your beach. I SO miss my Cape Town beaches… I do have the BEST place to run, living where i do, but sheesh what i would do to have a beach on my doorstep again. Keep loving… and WOW phwoar on the 1000dth mile! it really is a KEWL FCAT!!! *winks*!!!!

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