Misty day & clear mind

After four days off due to worries over the state of my legs it was time to go out on a slow test run. I’m glad to report that there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong apart from the usual slight foot pain on left and knee pain on right. I’m used to these two, I can live with them.  The run was about clearing the worry of injury as much as anything which it did. However that was about the only clear thing today.

Misty morning – The fields are out there somewhere
Mist in the woods always creates a lovely feeling of freshness though
Misty cliffs
A dash of colour amidst the clouds

This route takes me past a spot where a friend died in a car crash a few years ago. He was a real lover of life and I always stop to say hello and remember that life’s short and can be taken at any time. We were talking about him not long ago and someone said that he was essentially uncoachable at rugby as he could only play utterly flat out, he would give everything possible for as long as he could and then would have to be taken off completely spent. Ultrarunning wouldn’t have been his game, patience and restraint was never his forte; but the way he approached sport was admirable. No matter the game or challenge he went headlong into it with utter conviction and gave everything.  We live in a tight knit village and although we all miss him we can be grateful for having shared in his love for life.

I’m not sure why I’ve brought this up, I’ve stopped at the spot many times. Perhaps it’s only now I’m appreciating the lessons that his life and death have taught. Give everything you can while you can … but learn to see when the costs are simply too high.

Cheers Rhod




Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

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