There’s always a reason …

Even if you don’t know what it is at the start.  I wanted to do a slower recovery type run on sunday … except for some reason I sort of didn’t feel like it.  But the day was kinda nice and I felt I should get out while I could. Plus I know that as soon as I do I’m loving it all over over again.

I was doubly glad I did as I met this little fella who I initially thought was dead as he’d been out of the water for some time as the tide was on the way back in.

Stranded fish dude

I took a quick pic and grabbed him and chucked him in the nearest rockpool, upon which he sprang instantly back to life and darted for cover.

Rescued fish dude

So yeah ok it’s one tiny meaningless fish in the scheme of things but I saved the little bugger which made me happy …. and that’s what counts right?

Plus as usual the scenery was beautiful and the clouds came to play


Just 4 miles but 4 miles I’m glad I did


Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

8 thoughts on “There’s always a reason …”

  1. Four miles you are glad you did but not as much as that poor fish. Trail runners to the rescue! Keep up the good work, whether its running, rescuing but whatever you do, keep posting these gorgeous photos! Cheers from California

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