Only 3 days late!

This was actually mondays run but I managed to forget to post it as I haven’t run since which usually reminds me. I haven’t run as I’m showing a bit of sense as the body is feeling some tweaks and niggles after high (for me) milage during my 2 weeks off plus being back in work I’m on my feet most of the day too. So in order to protect the foot and knee I’m easing off til I’m confident all is well.

Anyway – So monday was a bank holiday and bright and sunny which meant I didn’t have the beach to myself. Instead even getting there meant dodging people with apparently no sense of balance stumbling down the path to the beach.

You can see why people were out

I could feel the body not quite right so I cut the run short and headed up the cliff ladders back along the clifftops.

View from the cliffs

The battle resumed as I climbed back up the path and enjoyed running full pelt through muddy puddles making people scream in fear of getting their immaculate outdoor gear dirty …..

Happy new year!

Ok so it’s a day late but thats just the way I roll … or run … whatever. I gave myself a new years present – I stayed in on NYE so I could get a new years day run in.  It was cold and windy and raining and I of course loved it as I had the beach all to myself.

Just the way I like it.

I was enjoying myself so much I managed to do the full 7 miles of the “normal” run in under 11 min per mile pae which considering the terrrain is pretty good.  It’s all data gathering ….