To think I almost didn’t

Got home from work and it was cold, blowing hard and looked like rain. I was sooooooo close to staying in the warm and having soem food, maybe do some stretching, take it easy. But I knew deep down I wanted to go out and would love it once I did. It’s the first step. So off I went into the wind for a quick 4 mile run.

The bridge building continues apace, now they’re chucking rocks in because its better to break an ankle on an unsteady rock than get your precious shoes and clothes muddy…. sigh

Anyway there was just about enough sand to run the mile stretch before the tide swept me away

Note narrow strip of sand – GO!

I found I can now cruise even into the wind at around 9 min miles on the sand. On the way back I was doing 8 no problems.  I’m only doing short stints like that as I don’t want to blow up anything in my legs so don’t worry I’m being careful and listening to my body!

Some cool clouds for SRG
The view back from the fields on the way home

Somedays its a breeze

So what causes the difference between one run and another. This was seven miles and effortless.  On days like this the thought of the 24 mile fell race in a few months doesn’t worry me in the slightest. On other days I feel like I’ll never make it.  If only it was possible to bottle the feeling on a run like this. I think flow is the term. I need to remember the days like this when I get self doubts.

It was a day full of our favourite weather too – Mizzle!  Which turned to drizzle and then back to mizzle.

A grey and not very inspiring day for photography.  When the mist lies on the English side of the channel though this section of coastline appears to become detatched like an island. I only wish I could capture the effect better. I need a new camera with superzoom facilities I think.
At low tide I found this which at first I thought was an old piece of weathered wood but in fact turned out to be a piece of solid black rock. Almost like ebony. Weird

Spring has sprung – for one day only

So friday was a beautiful day! So beautiful I forgot to write about it! I never thought it would be a utter pleasure to run for several miles but it was. Only downer was the battery dying in my camera halfway through but I snapped a few!

The fields on the way to the beach
The beach is simply stunning when the weathers fine …. its not so bad when its crap to be fair
Of course I visited the waterfall and resident rainbow
#spottedthesquirrel  Can you?


A stiff breeze

All week the media have been banging on about WINDPOCALPSE so of course I was waiting excitedly for today. Ok so it blew a bit but there was no mass downing of trees or blowing of high sided vehicles into rivers. I did see a sheep stagger a bit but that may have been due to poor hoof conditions underfoot.

So I ran to Witches Point which meant 3 and a half miles into the wind and then the saunter home!

The wind did so some cool stuff however in more subtle ways.

The tide didn’t seem to know if it was in or out ….
The whole beach was covered in an inch of water and foam which was being driven onshore by the wind despite the tide receding, which gave it the surreal appearance of snow which my camera couldnt quite grasp
The waterfall was having issues.  There was plenty of water but no falling.  This was as far as the waster got before being blasted away into spray.

Fuck the weather get out there and run people!

Sometimes its the steps you dont take

I was supposed to run the Hoka winter half at Margam Park on saturday. On friday I woke up to pai9n in my right foot – Not the foot thats supposed to hurt! It came from nowhere and I was worried it was the onset of plantar fascitis in my only non hurty body part. It ached for most of friday so sadly I made the decision that although I could probably run the half I would be doing myself no favours in trudging round it in pain. I took the sensible option and didnt even try. Meh. Still to be fair its a non technical run on gravel roads so barely trail at all so I wasnt missing much.

On sunday the pain was gone so I ventured out on a short test run to see how I fared. That was pretty much alk I saw due to fog but I suffered no more pain so we’ll have to chalk that one down to a mystery niggle (thankfully)

Path to nowhere
Half a gate is better than no gate at all