Long cliff run & happy memories

Sometimes I read blogs or articles where people seem to view the long run as a chore to be endured rather than enjoyed. I know we are involved in an edurance sport but it doesn’t seem logical to me to do something you actually don’t like one bit. I spend the week looking forward to be outside pushing myself for two or three hours

I know I’m lucky to live where I do with beautiful training playgrounds right on my doorstep. It’s why I’m looking forward to spring and summer so much, more time spent outdoors. All I havr to do is not get carried away and injure myself through enthusiasm again.

And to this end I’m ramping up the milage again slowly so yesterday was 12 and a bit miles to Ogmore and back along the cliffs due to tidal forces beyond my control

I truly am lucky. This is the sun rising over the first field I cross containing the ruins of an old monastic grange.
Clifftop crow – He was a biggun!
Looking down to Wick beach from the burial mounds. Not sure of the process that causes the pattern in the pebbles and sea. I probably should seeing as I have a degree in geography
Looking back along the headlands. I start at the far one.
Danger Sheep Danger Sheep does whatever a Danger Sheep does
Running here also brings back memories. As Soak got older she couldnt do a full walk to the beach so I used to bring her here to the deeps. We spent many happy hours with me just sat throwing rock after rock after rock for her to fetch and bring back. She never got bored of it and I never got bored of throwing them because it made her happy. I miss her still but today as I stopped to have a moment here I noticed loads of other dogs pawprints in the sand and it made me so happy that another dog gets to play here.

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

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