One more for all the mist lovers!

I know some of you out there – Yes you CeejayKay – Seem to love mist. I gotta admit it has a charm all of its own and every now and again its kinda nice to run in for a change …. but this is getting ridiculous!

Horsies! I think …. behind them is a looming medieval dove cote – i’ll need to remembe to photograph it in sunlight
Ok so not as bad as wednesday but still …
I did found these barnacle type things growing on some polystyrene. I utterly despise the rubbish in the sea and on the coast but at least these guys have made soemthing of it.

So 7 miles and it felt pretty easy so I as doing some speedwork on the sand. I feel like its time to shift emphasis slightly from the base building plod to subtly improving. Slowly and steadily of course, Im so so so wary of my bodys limits these days

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

8 thoughts on “One more for all the mist lovers!”

  1. OH HOW wonderful!!!! the horse pic is so mystical!!!! I must admit, yes, every now and then is great… i think if it was an ongoing thing… god i’d miss the sky and sun! But kewl pics, thanks for sharing…
    How amazing are those little guys on the styrene!!!! They are Goose Barnacles!

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    1. I know, its so tempting to go mad and push too hard but I’m religiously making sure that rest days get inserted when I feel I need it. 7 weeks til the first major run …. im excitscared!

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