So after saturdays cut short run it looks like just a blip caused by some sort of bug. I wasn’t going to run on sunday but really wanted to get a few miles in purely as I knew I’d feel better after it. So a quick 4 miles around the cliffs and I’m happy to report that the snot levels seems to indicate some sort of cold. This has been backed up by a feeling of general blurgh today. So a few days rest is called for, give the old bits n pieces time to rejuice.

I took it easy on sunday and stopped to take some photos of the waterfalls in the woods which normally I hammer past on a downhill.

Old watermill next to waterfalls

As you can see from the stream we had some serious rain overnight which made it a nice muddy, squalchy run.

When the paths are streams its time to SPLASH

It can’t all be rainbows and unicorns

Yesterday was my planned long run. I say planned as it didnt quite go as I expected.  The tide was in so I headed out along the cliffs and could tell in the first few miles that something was off.  Just wasnt feeling it at all.I figured it might be just the first mile blues and kept plodding on. It didnt help my mood that the sun which had shone so brightly as I got ready disappeared the moment I stepped out of the door.

By 4 miles in I felt pretty crap and I had major stomach issues so I decided to cut it short and slowly head back. Its surprising how one bad run can leave you doubting your ability again. I’m writing this before hopping back on the saddle for a few miles with a pop in to see my parents planned …. if I make it :p

Of course I know really I was just having a bad morning and I was clearly a bit ill but running is weird in the way it constantly challenges your confidence.  You can have all the stats and metrics in the world telling you that you’re improving, you’re doing fine, it’s all working but up against a nagging feeling of doom they stand no chance.  I shall let you know how todays “recovery” jaunt go. Sometimes you gotta go chase the unicorns.

Gloomy conditions … but still beautiful
Daffodils – Spring has sprung
Oh look I get to run into the wind all the way back along there feeling like shit – I love running sometimes!

Thats spring weather for ya

Started tonights run in bright sunshine

But wait .. what is this ominarse looking cloud
Hey look at the bottom of the ominarse cloud, its got little rain showers out at sea
Hey look its getting closer!

At this point the light went super weird and the rain started piling down. Which wasn’t too bad as it was kind of warm anyway. The beach looked really cool but it was impossible to caputure the feeling on a camera but I tried

Best I could do!
Since I’ve grown my hair out again this is the view I get when it rains and the hair sticks to my face. Note the visibility enhancing parting.

As I was running back the sun came out so I knew it was ….. rainbow time!


4 weeks of weather all rolled into 4 miles

Baywatch it aint

I ran to the beach today in drimizzle which slowly turned to rain and then back again. Enough to thoroughly soak me. Though it felt much warmer than yesterday with no wind so it was almost enjoyable in a “well I’m out here better enjoy it” kind of way.

I bumped into an old buddy I havent seen in a while. I recognised him by his fluffy legs

I think he may be a cut n shut – Two horses bolted together

Everything was drimizzly grey today

Over yonder lies my destination in the mist

Then I stumbled upon another barrel jellyfish. If you read this blog regularly then you may remember me finding one a few weeks back but was unable to move it.


This one was near the waters edge and I figured I would have a go at refloating him.  Neveradullbling asked if this could be done. I havent got a clue but despite the fact I was probably trying to save an already dead creature with no brain or nervous system I was gonna give it my best shot.  Which is why anyone passing by (thankfully no-one) could have witnessed me up to my knees in the freezing cold Bristol Channel dragging a big jellyfish behind me.

I managed the refloat and he was off and away drifting with the tide. As it was turning theres a good chance he will go out rather than beach again but to be honest I’m not sure it even matters. At this point my legs and feet were going numb so I squelched off along the beach to warm up not looking back for fear of seeing it coming ashore again. It can take its bloody chances now!

I did get a photo of the underside before we hit the surf though! You can see the fronds.


Sometimes I think I take the animal lover thing a bit too far.