Just a quick jaunt

Only because I like the word jaunt.  Just a quick visit to the beach as the body wasnt really feeling like pushing today but the mind wanted fresh air for an hour. Rememebr kids listen to your mum and your body – They know best!

I spent some time fiddling with wordpress too, I was full on my free plan so it seemed like the ideal time to do an upgrade to the next plan for more space and now the world can find me at https://bluegreengoldgrey.com/

Which makes no difference to you lot I know … You’re already here

Short run – Same old scenery 😉



Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

14 thoughts on “Just a quick jaunt”

      1. I can get 9! Worked it out but thats for a whole year so its less than a pint a month – I can live with that. Write a post – go to add media and youll see top right your usage

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