Sunday was a five miler along the beach and up to Wick through the fields, the weather was glorious but the tide was on its way in so I couldn’t hang around.  But whats that i spy hovering in the distance over the rocks that break up the two sands?

Spot it yet?
20170702_104945 (1)
Hovering right over my access to the next beach

I had to run literally right underneath it to get past onto the next section of beach and trust me, running under helicopters this low isnt easy. Running up to it is perfect resistance training but the wind just buffets you from side to side. Then once past the wind pushes you at a terrific speed away from it – meaning I was running olympic 100M pace over a tricky rock section! Luckily I stayed upright until the wind died and with a cheery thumbs up to the crew (who were probably wetting themselves laughing) i was on my way again

Best close-up I could do!

It’s never dull down the beach eh?

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

3 thoughts on “Hellimacopter!”

  1. That’s pretty cool! When I lived in DC I would bike along a path that went by the airport and if you were “lucky” a plane would be landing and coming in just over head, the fun thing was that I would let out a loud scream and the echo was mind boggling. Managed to do it more than once so I know it wasn’t a fluke. 🛬

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