Slow progress back

The legs still ain’t right after the ultra, they don’t have any bounce and it’s hard to push off, I did around 4 miles on the beach but wasn’t really feeling it. Plus my left ankle is once again really protesting so I’m resting it as much as possible til it decides it loves me again and then I can go batter it to death.

Good news is the blackberries are appearing here too!

Free food!



Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

7 thoughts on “Slow progress back”

  1. Keep at it mate. The spring will come back, just don’t push it with your ankle. Been meaning to comment- congrats on your finish! Celebrate your accomplishment. I’ve enjoyed your posts – especially your tributes to your beloved dog, Soak. Peace to her and to you in your loss. Admiration and goodwill from California, David

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    1. Yep im gonna have to lay off for a while the ankle needs to repair and if I keep pushing it im headed for a much longer layoff =( I’ll work on some physio with it and get my core worked on. Its not a loss its a change!

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    1. Thanks! Bookmarked to peruse later. I’ve decided the ankle is buggered and needs to rest. Did a short run and long walk with friends at the weekend and its clear its gonna need to be rested. I’ll just work on other things for a while!

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