I think its crosstraining – well pushing a mountainbike up a hilly forest all day and then enjoying flying down is kind of crosstraining.  Went with a friend last sunday to have a go at some MTB. We ended up in a forest full of trails which as it turned out weren’t really designed for beginners.  We bumped into a young kid there who was happy to show us the best trails and we spent happy hours falling off bikes and getting muddy.

The only footage surviving of this rare event is archived below. The bank we went over looked a whole lot steeper when youre on top of it. Watch the way he glides over it in control and compare with my loss and regain of control and nearly smacking into a tree.

Oh and I broke mt front brake at some point but apparently thats ok cos you never use front brakes anyway ….

I’m not sure which is safer to be honest, coastal trailrunning or MTB

Just a bit further

When you’re out enjoying a run and it’s getting dark and you kind of forgot your headtorch (again) and you don’t want to turn around because it’s so beautiful what do you do? Common sense says turn around before you lose the light.  My sense said stay out as long as you can, keep going and trust your local knowledge and senses to get you back.

It actually worked and I didn’t fall off a cliff or into a river or anything and it meant I got to enjoy a beautiful sunset


Get out while you can

Its that time of year again, back to work and nights still falling fast.  Judging tide and dusk is an artform I have yet to master but then again with a headlamp anythings possible.

Only around 4 miles but good to get at least something done.

Believe it or not I think its the first starfish I’ve ever found here! 



Recovery runs that clearly aren’t …

even though i tell myself they are.

Because after the 13 on saturday I figured I might not run at all on sunday but then I woke up and everything felt fine so I figured despite it being bitterly cold and a bit of a stiff wind I’d do a quick 4 or 5 miles … which of course turned into 7 or 8 as I was enjoying myself.

I must admit I was in one of my not very social moods so blanked everyone I passed pretty much and then took a mile or so detour essentially through a freezing stream so I didn’t have to meet anyone else. I’m like that sometimes.

So when I came to post this I looked for the photos of this day and realised i’d actually taken one …. and it’s very very very special.

Yes indeed I missed the scenery and managed to photograph my knee crossing a stile. Not sure how I managed this but I did.

One for Soak

13 miles yesterday down to Ogmore and back. When the sun shines and I’m going this way I always think of Soak. I think I’ve mentioned before that when I’m cold, tired and hurting on a run I always imagine that sunshine is brought courtsey of Soaks as a gift. I had sunshine yesterday.


As ever I stopped where we used to play fetch the pebble for endless hours


Sometimes it’s just running and sometimes it’s something else.


Better to light a candle than curse the darkness

Day two of the storm and I decided to put into action something I’d been thinking about for a while but oddly never did. I took some rubbish sacks to the beach and filled them, pinned them under rocks at it was still pretty galeforce then ran another six miles or so, came back and hauled the bags up the path to where the road meets the trail. After I got home and showered I drove to pick up the bags and drop them in with my rubbish at home.

It’s a tiny dent and judging by the amount of plastic debris its a Sisyphean task but I figure as the title says it’s better to do at least something than sit and moan.  Plus running up the path with the bags is giving the old arms a workout too so can’t complain. I’ll just keep chip chipping away.


You lot (inside of a fridges insulation) go in ….
It was still kinda windy – The waterfall was having issues reaching the ground again