Ah well I’m over it

Following yesterday’s mini tantrum at blogging- let’s face it I fall behind because I’m lazy I shall keep going. I think it’s the winter dark frustrating me so runs are short … a little like my temper (ask my mum about my temper)

So … where was I … Sunday! From what I remember it pissed down. Photos corroborate this …. sort of … now I go to check I just have pics of damp horses

Wet horsies ignoring me
I think I was being attacked for polo mints at this point
Oh yeah it was misty too

I think I did 7. It’s all a bit vague as my watch and pc don’t get on well and I have to jiggle settings to get it to sync. I’d get a new one but it seems a waste when the data I gather is barely looked at apart from distance. Anyway this phone posting thing ain’t so bad … how do the posts look?

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

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