Shoe question

Anyone know anything about biomechanics?

I discovered my beloved La Sportiva mutants have broken – A tear in the left shoe on the front left side. Fair enough I cant complain at all – By my vague reckoning these shoes have done around 400 miles and taken an absolute battering plus spend a lot of time immersed in salt water.  In fact they’ve done well to make it this far!

I checked – My Inov8s – both pairs had split in exactly the same place – as had my dynafit SL.

Errrr so is this coincidence or is there something in my biomechanics/gait  that is causing it? Can I remove my left little toe? Doesnt do much anyway right?


Same place every time.

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

7 thoughts on “Shoe question”

  1. Hey mate. You may want to go with a shoe with a wider toe box. Altra comes to mind. If you can handle a zero drop shoe, I whole heartedly recommend them. Bought my first pair three years ago, haven’t bought another brand since. As for your gait, I wouldn’t worry about it, you probably just have pointy toes! Run on!

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    1. Thanks for the advice. Ive got a pair of Altras, cant remember the model exactly and they feel great to run in but just cant compare to other shoes when it comes to technical terrain. They dont seem to have the grip and its hard to be nimble in them as the wider toebox makes hitting small rocks and crevices difficult. Then again they release newer stuff all the time so might be worth another look.

      Damn my pointy toes!


  2. My shoes – not just running shoes- go in the same place. I have wide feet and slightly deformed little toes after years of squeezing into pointy toed shoes and heels. Now I wear mainly flats my feet are a lot better – I used to get a massive callous on my little toe. I don’t think it’s a bio mechanical issue, I just have ‘sturdy’ limbs!

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  3. Hey Gareth,

    If youre sticking with the same shoes Id suggest going a half size up as you’ll stress the width of the shoe less.

    Also bear in mind repeated wetting and drying will rot the fabric of some shoes.

    ‘re the grip and sole aggression I’ve been looking at the new Saucony Koa ST as a potential mud runner for myself.


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