Happy mothers day!

Even though I’m no fan of made up commercialised days that have no meaning beyond making money for corporations it is indeed mothers day and my mum is indeed totally awesome so happy mothers day! I truly do have special parents even if I don’t tell them enough.

I’ll give you an example: fell through their door yesterday a mile from the end of a 15 mile long run. Covered in mud and sweat with bambi legs … There are jelly beans waiting for me … jelly beans! Who doesn’t need jelly beans after 15 miles!? Then I get shown the model ghosttrain my mum had made with wiring and flashing leds and everything! Why? To go in the funfair! What funfair? The funfair on the model railway currently being constructed by the pair of them which is taking over the utility room. Dad does the railway bits and mum does the scenery. Seriously when I get yo your age I want to be as cool as you two 🙂

So happy mothers day I’m lucky to have you two who might just be to blame for me being the individual I am 🙂

Oh yeah and have some run photos from the 15 miles.

Up early – out of door by 8 is a miracle for me
Mothers day daffodils
Cliff snot looking particularly green today
That time of year again. Thank Christ I’m a vegetarian this year!
Heading down over Witches
Between the gorse (escaping with a stolen golf ball but that’s another story)
Just gorse.
Yeah thanks for the advice…. I’ll just go that way then
Floody river!

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

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