Warning – Post contains feet

Look away now if you hate feet – Some people do, some people don’t. Most don’t lets face it.

I have a few blisters and sore patches I usually tape up and ignore but the tide was in today and I felt like doing some hill sprints. So I decided to do them barefoot, I figured it’s hill sprints – the impact is low.

It was actually quite fun and surprisingly easy to drive off the forefoot but it was absolutely bloody freezing on the soles on the way down.  I have to say I really enjoyed the change, I mean I wouldn’t fancy the impact at any pace but for a steep hill like this it felt like floating up. In fact although I stopped counting my GPS tells me I did around 20 and to be honest I didn’t blow up or get the jelly legs. I was sad when it started to get dark and my frozen feet drove me to go home.

High tide and sun in the sky
Argghh feet and the hill of less pain that usual – What a terrible name
My sun has gone =(

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

3 thoughts on “Warning – Post contains feet”

  1. I walked the other day, 5km in my Nike Free 5’s
    OMG! the next day I had STIFF FEET!!!! They got a REAL workout! Felt GREAT!
    ENJOY! omg running on the beach… what a spoil!!!! ❤


  2. OMG Gareth you are going completely athlete!!!!! I’ve got a feeling that we are going to be getting some amazing race reports from you later on this year! Have fun!! Jxx


  3. Where are the bloody blister shots?

    Have you looked into Merrel and their pace gloves? … barefoot feel but a bit protection and because of their vibram sole they kinda stick to rocks.


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