I may be an idiot but sometimes im a quick idiot

I can’t help it, I meant to take it kinda easy as tide was in so cliffs were only option and legs were a little sore I’m guessing from the hill repeats. And as I hit top of the cliffs and stopped to watch the surfers I realised there was a runner behind me. No problem he can pass me easy enough but he didn’t.Β  So I figured if I wanted space I’d have to make it. Which I did at 6-7 min/mile pace along the cliffs which actually felt fantastic to put the hammer down and fly without stopping.Β  Yeah ok maybe not sensible but it felt good to breathe hard but not blow up and the cwm’s were so much fun to fly up and down (well the first was a 200ft mudslide but hey its all foward motionΒ  right)

By Witches Point I was expecting to be half dead but I still had it in the legs to do the climb to the top. Recovery was fast and so I decided on the longer extremely wet and muddy route home.

Not so much a path as a stream
The gatehouse thingy at Derval Woods
Awwwwwww – They were playing together like you’d expect puppies to do. It’s easy to forget they just want to have fun too. STOP EATING THEM
The usual. I never get bored of the usual
Fuelling strategy – The school I worked in that afternoon had just gone through inspection so the staffroom was full of shit food! I love shit food but rarely eat it these days so when I get the chance … So kids if you want to run far and fast eat shit food when the sun shines!


Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

13 thoughts on “I may be an idiot but sometimes im a quick idiot”

  1. All that running is paying off, you are getting so fit! And that sprinting, it’s like fartlek (my auto correct wanted to type fart leak there – that’s something different πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†) innit? Your workplace looks like mine…… your blog has inspired me to go for a run – I don’t know if it’s your super speedy fitness or the reminder of all the sweet treats I’ve had !!

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    1. Just long fartleks. I read somewhere that hillwork is essentially the same thing as speedwork so it could be the reason for the improvements. Feels good at the moment. If only it would stop snowing :p

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  2. PS you are not an idiot! ( alert ⚠️ mother mode kicking in) why would you call yourself an idiot? Who taught you to call yourself that? Would you call someone else an idiot? No? Well don’t do it to yourself. It isn’t nice and it doesn’t do you any good. You are not an idiot. You are a good runner, a good writer, a good photographer and a kind person! And I know all that just from reading a few snippets on your blog. Nag over. Big hug. Lots of love xx

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    1. Haha thanks nice pep talk! I like being an idiot tho it’s really the only explanation for risking injury on runs like this. It’s cool I recognise my idiocy and it reminds me not to get too cocky

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