So that was xmas

I’m not really a christmassy person. However I do find it a good reason to be outside and getting in some longer runs while I have the time off.  In the last week I’ve managed around 50 miles (not counting today – Im waiting on the tide) and have taken the days off as needed when I can feel that the legs need the rest.  If I was the type to do new years resolutions then ths years would be to try not to be injured half the time. Sometimes you cant do anything about it – Some times you can – I’ll at least try! I have plans for 2019 but everytime I announce plans something tends to get in the way so I’ll keep them to myself until they happen.

Until then I’m just going to enjoy being out with Murph and doing whatever miles I can.

Murph loves the forests – I love them because he’s safe to hunt small furries (he never catches any)
I think this was xmas day – they all blend into one. Just as I like it when the weather keeps people awy
Sunnier runs and a poser
Think we were out approaching dusk for this one – Running in the dark with a headtorch is something i’ve learned to love

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

2 thoughts on “So that was xmas”

  1. Merry Christmas Gar to you and Murph x wishing you and M all the very best uninjured running adventures x
    I ran with a head lamp the other night… I scared myself shitless 😅

    (note to self… stay in the pavements, trails are SCARIER in the dark)!!!! AND I had the kid in all his 6ft4ness WITH ME!!!!
    He’s still laughing at me!

    Enjoy babes!!! And happy running in 2019!!!!

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  2. Happy xmas to you too! Hope youve had a good one! Head lamps are awesome! The path through the forest to the back used to freak me out a bit but Murph is an awesome guard dog – he’ll let me know if anyone is about long before I see them!

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