From shit to sky

The blog that keeps answering the questions you never needed to know the answer to anyway!  How long a run up does a seagull need to get airborne?

This far …. We had some sort of weird seagull race goin on I think

Just 4 miles done today to start to break in these

Dynafit Feline SL- I couldnt resist on ebay as someone was selling them as unworn as “they dont match my jeans …..” I mean really wtf? So basically I’ve rescued a pair of trail shoes from a life as fashion victims for low cost!

One thing about getting wet running to and on the beach is that you dont care about lying in streams to get good low down photos of sunsets.

Cold but worth it
Last of the sunlight

Sunset run

This was actually Wednesday but been kinda busy … Oh I tell fibs I just forgot.  Haven’t forgot about the sunset though.  Only a 4 miler before dark along the cliffs but it was worth it.  Except for the pain in my stomach … I think due to new stretching regime which has involved planks and such shenanigans.

But the sunset that night …..

View from the beach before climbing the cliffs
Hidden sun
Peeking sun over the sea. Love the reflection on the water on this one
Last view of the sun across the fields on the way home

A tale of two runs

I ran on wednesday and thursday this week. Two runs that couldn’t have been more different. On wednesday I got home from work, felt fine, got changed, warmed up, off i went and within a mile felt atrocious. Not the first time this has happened. I think it’s a nutrition thing. I made it to the beach and back for around a two and a half mile dispiriting run.

Beach at dusk. A meh photo for a meh run

On thursday after work I strapped myself back in and wondered how it would go….. I felt fantastic and I flew, the HR stayed where it should, the flow kicked in and it felt effortless.

And the sunset helped ….

Sun setting over the Bristol Channel
Going … going ….
Accidental sand closeup which I actually really like

Oh yeah and I am also Captain Sheep Rescue!  Saw this idiot stuck in a fence so had to stop to get him out, Dumb sod was driving forward into the hedge while I had to pull to release him. Tug of war between man and sheep is the outcome….. Might have looked a bit odd

I pull you push …. eeeediot

So lesson from this learned is that a bad run is just a bad run and always get out cos there might be a sheep stuck in a fence somewhere that needs you!


Racing the unraceable

Finished work and flew to the beach, it was going to be a close run thing but I knew the sun was going to disappear in a matter of minutes. Skates on!

Going.  Just in time to see it start setting over Devon (NB not a giant shark fin)
Going. Still see it?

So I raced the sun. Next up why not the tide which was coming in but had left me a small window of opportunity.

A stretch of sand is all I need.

Flew down the sand and back up before the tide hit the pebbles. Raced the tide.

Also of note was this fresh rockfall

Judging by the fresh dirt it went last night or this morning.
Oddly enough I had taken a photo of this section last month as I noticed that the “pavement” under the cliff was strangely clear for once – I also ran along it ….

So it will be interesting to see how the sea removed the new fall and I intend to photograph it through time.

Amazing the things you can do and find in a quick 4 mile run!