Wheres my snowpocalypse!?

So yesterday we were sort of promised a snowpocalyse which would surely herald the end of civilisation or something.  If you believe the press that is. It never happened so instead I just took a blustery run down to the beach and back before dark.

Dusk was looking pretty cool when I got there
The wind was helping with the crashing wave effects
Did some hill repeats up to the top of the cliffs and legged it home

Let’s go find some hills

This was actually Wednesday night but I never got around to posting, Dusk was well in effect and there’s something about an angry sea at dusk I love.  Only managed 3 miles but work finishes today for xmas and a new training cycle begins!

A training cycle I hear you cry? What is this?  Well I’ve had an off-season so I thought starting to ramp it all up again meant giving it a tres cool name other than just running a bit more.

But there are plans afoot for 2017.  Warming up in Feb with the trail half in Margam which was my first ever race last year. This should be easy enough and doesn’t require any particular training.

Then in May there is the Preseli Beast in West Wales, I ran the half version of this last year while injured and the beast name is well deserved. This is fell running territory and this year the 24 mile race is part of the Welsh Championships. So that’s what I’m hoping to enter (entries not open yet).  Going to need to train on some steep hills for this one so I’m looking at routes.

Then in August there’s the 32 mile Roseland Cornish coastal path ultra which will hopefully be my first ultra and will include more hills … yay!

It’s going to be an up and down year!

Sky and sea competing in a Who can be the moodiest competition

Roaming in the gloaming

Haven’t been out for 4 days! Between lurgi recovery and working late (ok relatively late for me) plus the evil of the clocks going back (I’m a firm believer in BST all year round, I’ve had an hour of daylight stolen from me and I’m sticking to that) it’s just been one of those weeks. So I was happy indeed to get home and out in the fading light.  In fact it seems like no time at all since I was doing the same last year.

In the spirit of ephemeralisimo it’s interesting to see how the different light conditions change the feeling of the land. Everything seems softer, almost more gentle.  I only did around 4 miles and as I havent been out for so long the legs were great, I even did a few sprints when the feeling just took me. Run in the moment I say. The chest isn’t great but I’m still battling lurgi. Everyone in my schools seems to be infected and it’s a hanger on. I imagine running as blasting out the crap (I won’t describe the blasting of lurgi from nose while running (unless you really want me too))

Dusk at the beach
Dusk in the fields


Sunset and a night run

Thought I’d change things up today, as I continully miss dawn due to bed related incidents (Ie sleeping) I decided to go running at sunset.  Never thought I’d be choosing to do this on a saturday night!






After the sunset I ran back to the other end of the beach so I could run the rocks in the dark with a headtorch – Soooooooo much fun!  Bit tricky to take photos of it though.

However I did take a video – sadly I had the camera the wrong way up so you have to tilt your head :p  Then again i was concentrating on not killing myself so I think I did ok

Hey cool – WordPress auto inserts youtube vids, who knew!

I actually did 8 miles, around half of those in the dark (and back up the spooky path) and I had a blast!  I’ll definitely be back out for more.








Tuesday niggles and dusk run

After a few days rest I was back early enough for a quick run to the beach after work. No wind, crisp and cold so perfect. Except the legs haven’t been perfect. I’ve had a slightly achey right knee for a while. I think it’s from sprawling over some roots a few months ago and banging it and it occasionally gives me grief but tonight it was a dull ache the whole time. It was fine for 13 on sat but not 3 and a half today. I’m wondering if its simply because I had to go on my hands and knees to fix a computer today and aggravated it.

My secondry niggle is one i’ve feared the ruturn of – Achilles tendonitus. I suffered from it years ago when I ran a pub and was on my feet 18 hours a day and it was agony. Eventually it went after physio. I had wondered about it while running but nothing so far – until yesterday in work I sat down and my left achilles suddenly and from nowhere gave me a jolt I happily havent felt in years.  Then last night in bed I was getting lesser aches from it.  This makes me sad. However I was determined to run today – I wanted to get out but I also wanted to test my achilles – and it didnt murmer for the whole run.

I may be over-reacting – I’ll be honest i’m enjoying running so much and it’s helping me both physically and mentally so much i’m scared of now losing it to injuries. I guess it’s just a case of keep an eye on things and keep on rolling!

Todays run was again beautiful – I love running at dusk, watching my breath steam into the air and feeling the day draining away.

I played around with some filters on my phone


Moon rising over Cwm Nash