More dusk

Been an odd couple of weeks, haven’t got out as much as usual due to things going on but I don’t mind as it’s fine to rest up a bit before training starts again over xmas.

I did actually manage to roll myself out of bed early one day last week (not sure which I think I blanked the experience from my mind) but I forgot my phone so no photos and it was under 3 miles so doesn’t really count anyway.

However I did get out for a dusk run on friday and everything felt pretty good, managed 7 miles before the cold and dark kicked in fully.

Just in time to catch the setting sun


So this was on auto camera settings
This was on manual – A little more like what I see – auto seems to add light
Nothing like running the beach at dusk with the moon

It aint always pleasant….

But I always love it nonetheless.  After a day of fairly nice weatehr by the time I got home from work it was getting dark and raining, sometimes hard rain sometimes just mizzle. The temptation was to stay in and pretend to stretch or something but sometimes you just got to get out of the door.

Was worth it to capture the only sunlight left in Wales (he exaggerated madly)

Up on the cliffs it was cold and wet and I still loved it. I said hi to all the sheep of course.

Witches Point in the mizzle

I did the 4 or 5 mile trip around to the barrows at Wick beach and headed back. Once again negotiating the haunted woods ™ by headtorch

Path to haunted woods at dusk – Fortunately I know pretty much every inch of ground here

So yeah its always worth getting out even if the weather says no the lesg say yeh!

And finally a big hello and hug for my mum who’s not been so well lately but hopefully on the road to recovery!

Red (pink) sky at night

I really do love dusk runs!


I may even try to fiddle with camera settings – I just get these by luck but I do also know they aren’t entirely representative of what I see.  Knocked out another seven miles after work today.  The body really is feeling good at the moment!

Plus I have something to work for – The Preseli beast has announced for May 12th next year and Im delighted that the Ultrabeast is returning so I get to have a crack at it. 18 months ago I did the 11 miler and I was at my limits.  Last May I did the 24 miler and I was at my limits.  I’d like to do the hat-trick and in six months time attempt the 32 miler. I just know that course is brutal with more elevation than the RAT in Cornwall which I only just survived.  I love the Beast events so much I will definitely run one of them. Time will tell …. I ain’t rushing anything

Then again with sensible training and hopefully no injuries I can go into this one in much better form!


Wheres my snowpocalypse!?

So yesterday we were sort of promised a snowpocalyse which would surely herald the end of civilisation or something.  If you believe the press that is. It never happened so instead I just took a blustery run down to the beach and back before dark.

Dusk was looking pretty cool when I got there
The wind was helping with the crashing wave effects
Did some hill repeats up to the top of the cliffs and legged it home

Let’s go find some hills

This was actually Wednesday night but I never got around to posting, Dusk was well in effect and there’s something about an angry sea at dusk I love.  Only managed 3 miles but work finishes today for xmas and a new training cycle begins!

A training cycle I hear you cry? What is this?  Well I’ve had an off-season so I thought starting to ramp it all up again meant giving it a tres cool name other than just running a bit more.

But there are plans afoot for 2017.  Warming up in Feb with the trail half in Margam which was my first ever race last year. This should be easy enough and doesn’t require any particular training.

Then in May there is the Preseli Beast in West Wales, I ran the half version of this last year while injured and the beast name is well deserved. This is fell running territory and this year the 24 mile race is part of the Welsh Championships. So that’s what I’m hoping to enter (entries not open yet).  Going to need to train on some steep hills for this one so I’m looking at routes.

Then in August there’s the 32 mile Roseland Cornish coastal path ultra which will hopefully be my first ultra and will include more hills … yay!

It’s going to be an up and down year!

Sky and sea competing in a Who can be the moodiest competition