Watch the birdie

Only 5 miles this weekend as I try to work out which bits of my legs hurt most, my left thigh still starts to ache after a few miles so I think there’s a bit of damage there but as its perfectly fine at all other times I’m not particularly worried.

To tell the truth I should have taken the whole weekend off but I would have driven myself nuts so it was mind over matter

Decided to exit beach at the ladders again. 
Through the rapeseed field – The plants are all entwined across the path now making progress slow 
Spot the bird?  I detoured via my parents house to discover they now have a pet baby blackbird while follows them around – This is him waiting for food at the patio door. He tried some of my homemade energy biscuit and of course loved it

Roaming in the gloaming

Haven’t been out for 4 days! Between lurgi recovery and working late (ok relatively late for me) plus the evil of the clocks going back (I’m a firm believer in BST all year round, I’ve had an hour of daylight stolen from me and I’m sticking to that) it’s just been one of those weeks. So I was happy indeed to get home and out in the fading light.  In fact it seems like no time at all since I was doing the same last year.

In the spirit of ephemeralisimo it’s interesting to see how the different light conditions change the feeling of the land. Everything seems softer, almost more gentle.  I only did around 4 miles and as I havent been out for so long the legs were great, I even did a few sprints when the feeling just took me. Run in the moment I say. The chest isn’t great but I’m still battling lurgi. Everyone in my schools seems to be infected and it’s a hanger on. I imagine running as blasting out the crap (I won’t describe the blasting of lurgi from nose while running (unless you really want me too))

Dusk at the beach
Dusk in the fields