Fungi to be with … that old chestnut

More runs than posts! I’ve been so slack on the internet thing lately – I think its the good weather, I’m spending more time outside and less typing things! I think from what I remember that this is last thursday … I did the goat photo already right?

The idea at the moment is not to go too mad and avoid injury while slowly building back to form and it seems to be working!

So only 4 miles at an easyish pace but it feels great to be back out regularly

Kinda gloomy today
Fungi halfway up a tree! Huge one too! 


Cabin Fever

Still feeling a bit ropey

Bit ropey ….. geddit?

But it’s half term week and its just Trouble the cat and I in the house together. We are approaching that episode of Steptoe and Son where they divide the room with a painted white line


Trouble – I dont think Koko has much competition in the cuteness stakes

So despite not feeling great I had to get to the beach and actually managed 7 miles. Wasn’t the greatest run physically but it certainly picked me up mentally. Thats what running does for you folks!

Kinda grey but who cares
I also discovered a new kind of fungi which I shall call discarded chewing gumgi

And now im off to bed again