Catching up

Been on a recovery week …. Utter lie …. Ive still got this lurgi and it’s not shifting.  The schools are like a scene from the walking dead, ones even got norovirus (or some such evil sounding thang) so with the poor weather and feeling crap I’ve decided to have an “off season” – Cos it sounds cool mainly.  To be fair the darker evenings make it harder to get out too so until the end of the year I’m just gonna cut back a little, rest and recover ready for the new year as I have goals!

This doesn’t mean no running just a cut down in mileage for a short period, in fact seeing as christmas is only like 6 weeks away its very short (with mince pies)

I did get out thursday but only managed 2 and a half miles and struggled with that. I went looking for sunset for Sergei but the clouds bloody intervened.

Its a beautful day today though and I can’t resist …. waiting for tide to do a slow easy one just to enjoy the day. Training for the soul not body.

Best sunset I could get
I did catch the moon though