Happy accidents

You know that feeling when you plan a 5 or 6 mile run to shake the legs out a bit and it feels gooooood ….. and so you end up running 13?  That was today.  I was prepared though! After fridays disaster I had my pack with me with water, banana and my homemade energy biscuits.

The tide was in so I was happily tootling up and down the hills and along the cliffs. The sun was shining and I felt good so hey why not!

You can see why I kep going and going!

I ended up going as far as the rivermouth at Ogmore and though I’ve run this route before today I definitely felt better throughout it. I had also squeezed a fresh lemon into my hydration bladder – electrolyte city!  (PS if you do this do NOT let the pips go in too – they block the bloody valve)

After a 5 minutes break to let my legs sieze up nicely I headed back and approaching Southerdown wondered if my friend Swampy was working in the Cups as it was Sunday lunchtime – He was!  So I stopped for more refreshment

This may not have been the best idea 8 miles into the run

I’m happy to report that although cider is not a PED wolfing down a pint in 15 minutes then running again does mean a fair amount of sloshing in the stomach. Nothing too bad though and was nice to have a change on a run.

There were surfers in the sea at Southerndown too – I think I need a zoom lens
Sign of rain? Or just lazy cows. Check out the one on the right with the eye patches – mean bovine!

So after 8 miles last night and 13 today I’m off to rest the limbs in the pub with more cider which I won’t be runing home after (I’ll take the bike)

Happy weekend =)

Sunset and a night run

Thought I’d change things up today, as I continully miss dawn due to bed related incidents (Ie sleeping) I decided to go running at sunset.  Never thought I’d be choosing to do this on a saturday night!






After the sunset I ran back to the other end of the beach so I could run the rocks in the dark with a headtorch – Soooooooo much fun!  Bit tricky to take photos of it though.

However I did take a video – sadly I had the camera the wrong way up so you have to tilt your head :p  Then again i was concentrating on not killing myself so I think I did ok

Hey cool – WordPress auto inserts youtube vids, who knew!

I actually did 8 miles, around half of those in the dark (and back up the spooky path) and I had a blast!  I’ll definitely be back out for more.








Nature looks after its own

“Ill-preparedness, carelessness, lack of concentration, poor maintenance of tools. Oh. And overconfidence sir.” – Terry Pratchett, Pyramids.

This quote from the book actually sprang to mind yesterday. I blew it. Mainly overconfidence. I was flat out all day in work and although I never stop for lunch anyway I usuallt just eat fruit throughout the day whenever I feel hungry. I didn’t really feel hungry yesterday so when I got home I went for a run having had no more than an apple and banana all day. Which is why within 3 miles I had what could only be described as a mini bonk. The usual signs were there, lightheadedness, weird vision (like running through powerpoint slides – stuttery) and a general feeling of weakness. I realised  what it was and needed food (and roundly cursed myself for running with no food in me or on me) but had none and was on the far end of the beach. I knew it would be a long slow jog back although the symptoms did ease once I slowed it was tricky to do anything technical safely.

Lovely view but not easy to traverse feeling like shit

When I got off the beach though Mother Nature came to my rescue. Yet another benefit of running trails, especially at this time of year. Fruit!

Natures bounty

I ate a few handfuls of blackberries and a few minutes later I was pretty much rocking again. Amazing how quickly the body recovers with just a litttle of what you need.

Plus sloes – Not to everyones taste as they are very sharp but I quite like them


So yeah I was ill prepared, overconfident and complacent but this is all a learning curve. I wouldn’t drive my car on an empty tank, I won’t run again on one either.

However this run clocked up my 800th mile since I started, I won’t forget that milestone 😉

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

6 and a half miles today and it felt effortless. Things are just clicking at the moment and I just know I’m back to pre injury fitness at least if not improved.

As the title suggests beauty is wherever you find it and what floats one persons boat may not float another. Examples?  Awww go on then.

Obvious beauty – scenery, I think just about eveyone loves scenery
Awwwww cute beauty – Ickle baby calves all bambi legged and giving me “the stare”
Dont look again mum! Pure unadulterated horror for some people but I think this little dude is just as beautiful as the other two.

Always remember – It takes all sorts to make a world

Why grow up?

I ran to the beach today. I had my GPS watch on. I was thinking while I was running on the beach – Could I draw something on the beach with my GPS?

As I am 43 years old going on 12 I drew a giant penis – It starts where the lines bisect – The testicles are waaaay to small but I ran out of beach – not bad for a first effort though!


I refuse to grow old gracefully!

Did 5 miles and really enjoyed it, hardly any foot pain anymore.

And I found a buoy!

From Josies Pride – If you know a Josie who has lost her buoy then I know where it is and will retrieve it for a price!
My canvas!



We’re gonna need a bigger boat Part II

What’s worse than finding a surfboard on the beach?

Finding half a surfboard.

Some of you may remember the day I found the shark

Today I found the trail of shark destruction!

Exhibit 1 – Half a surfboard – I’m kinda sad that it doesn’t have a semi circular break with teethmarks. Do sharks wear dentures?
Exhibit 2 – Single flipper – No foot inside – where is the foot? In the shark?
Exhibit 3 – Boat clearly showing shark damage to hull – I’ve seen Jaws – I know my hull breaching shark attacks
Exhibit 4 – I turned the boat over half expecting a mangled corpse but it was empty – Further proof that the shark is indeed man-eating!

As I have already captured the shark I am off to claim the reward. If by some chance it isn’t the same shark …. There may be a difference in the bite circumference between an inflatable shark and a Great White …  It’s still out there … lurking

Oh yeah I ran around four and a half miles and it was beautiful and I felt great and my imagination kept me company aaaaaalllll the way

(Barely) Human Guinea Pig

First day back in work and I promised myself a run. If I promised myself anything in the past it would have been a pint or a takeaway – no more lol

Anyway off I went and it was beautiful at the beach but sadly the tide was on its way in so I sped around the rocks for a while and took some photos.

Tide = In
Sea = Beautiful

I was thinking this week about sunday and the start of the half marathon which – even though I hung around at the back still made me start off faster than I usually would alone and why when I pride myself in doing things my way (for better or worse I admit) I would change my pace just because others were doing different.

Although it was only a few minutes a mile faster than i would normally have run I definitely felt it throughout the morning. So today as I mentioned the tide was in so I decided to do hill sprints for a while … until I could no longer do hill sprints and basically deliberately set out to blow myself up.  I think I read or heard it somewhere about once you’ve gone too far into the red there’s no recovery. Not even if you rest for a long while it just doesn’t come back that easy. So today I donned my best lab coat and took one for science.

I sprinted this hill repeatedly.


Until I could run no more. Jelly legs – check.  Heaving chest and desire to heave in general – check.  Then I took a rest until everything felt back under control and normal. And ran home. And wow was I buggered. Even after the rest I was instantly back in trouble without doing anything more than a gentle jog.

I know you will all say – Ummm we knew this anyway so what did you do that for?

Well I knew it too, I’d heard it enough but now I will REMEMBER it. I’m going to call it Runners Pandoras Box. Burying yourself = opening the box  and once its open youre screwed because you cant shove it all back in.

PS I’m also a trained idiot. DO NOT try this at home