I think its crosstraining – well pushing a mountainbike up a hilly forest all day and then enjoying flying down is kind of crosstraining.  Went with a friend last sunday to have a go at some MTB. We ended up in a forest full of trails which as it turned out weren’t really designed for beginners.  We bumped into a young kid there who was happy to show us the best trails and we spent happy hours falling off bikes and getting muddy.

The only footage surviving of this rare event is archived below. The bank we went over looked a whole lot steeper when youre on top of it. Watch the way he glides over it in control and compare with my loss and regain of control and nearly smacking into a tree.

Oh and I broke mt front brake at some point but apparently thats ok cos you never use front brakes anyway ….

I’m not sure which is safer to be honest, coastal trailrunning or MTB