Only an hour

But a quick run after work can be memorable when the conditions are right … wrong depending on your perspective. It was mizzling and gloomy but I felt like getting out so I grabbed the headtorch and shot off to the beach.

Its down there somewhere I can hear it
Ok so now we get white goods delivered to the beach – This is gonna take some shifting if the tide doesnt
And nets – big nets, perhaps they are to catch fridges in
Off into the mist. 

I was enjoying being out and didn’t feel like turning back as it got darker figuring I know it well enough that a headtorch would be fine. Of course it started raining a bit harder at that point but thats fine.

I got to the ladders and commenced my climb while it was light enough

Note superb capture of rain driving horizontally by now

So up the ladder (I was very careful mum I promise I even used my hands and everything) and scrambled up to the clifftops and decided to use my headtorch for the descent back at the other end and discovered the battery was dead …

Apparently the torch feature on android phones is not an app and being cold & wet up a steep slope you have to descend is not the place to have to discover how to locate it. Eventually I worked it out and managed to run home without further incident – well apart from nearly running into a horses arse which its fair to say gave us both minor heart attacks.

See what you can get done in an hour? Lots!

Sunset and a night run

Thought I’d change things up today, as I continully miss dawn due to bed related incidents (Ie sleeping) I decided to go running at sunset.  Never thought I’d be choosing to do this on a saturday night!






After the sunset I ran back to the other end of the beach so I could run the rocks in the dark with a headtorch – Soooooooo much fun!  Bit tricky to take photos of it though.

However I did take a video – sadly I had the camera the wrong way up so you have to tilt your head :p  Then again i was concentrating on not killing myself so I think I did ok

Hey cool – WordPress auto inserts youtube vids, who knew!

I actually did 8 miles, around half of those in the dark (and back up the spooky path) and I had a blast!  I’ll definitely be back out for more.