My way or the high way …

I’ll do both.  The best thing about christmas is the 2 week break coming up which means I can get out and begin to train properly for next year.  When I say train I mean enjoy myself outside and by properly I mean pretend I know what i’m doing. Thoughts are turning towards what I want to achieve next year. Well to be fair they turned a while ago and my plans are coming together. What I will need more of in 18 is altitude. Time to get up in them that hills and get used to ascents (and descents – damn you quads we WILL get along)

Why the high life? Well this is the plan. In May its the Preseli Beast again, so having done the 11 miler 2 years ago and the 24 last year I’ll give the hat-trick a go and try the 32 mile ultrabeast.  So 4 months or so to get ready for that.

Then I’ve actually already signed up for another race in July – bear with me here it’s all part of the bigger plan.  So I get 2 months between Preseli and the Scafell Pike marathon which looks horrendously fun and painful.

And this is where it gets a little more complicated – The Scafell race provides 2 qualifying points for UTMB – the OCC race not the 100 miler!

So assuming I finish Scafell I need another 2 points to go into the draw for 2019. So I’m looking at a “holiday” in the summer to run abroad and snaffle a few more points.  The beauty of this plan to me is that I’m holding distances at around 30 miles but upping the climbing as running longer flat ultras doesn’t really appeal at the moment.

At the moment I’m looking at this … Pitzal Glacier

So no I’ve probably not thought it through but I’m gonna try for it anyway, why not?


I ran another 10 miles on sunday – 10 is to be the new short





Let’s go find some hills

This was actually Wednesday night but I never got around to posting, Dusk was well in effect and there’s something about an angry sea at dusk I love.  Only managed 3 miles but work finishes today for xmas and a new training cycle begins!

A training cycle I hear you cry? What is this?  Well I’ve had an off-season so I thought starting to ramp it all up again meant giving it a tres cool name other than just running a bit more.

But there are plans afoot for 2017.  Warming up in Feb with the trail half in Margam which was my first ever race last year. This should be easy enough and doesn’t require any particular training.

Then in May there is the Preseli Beast in West Wales, I ran the half version of this last year while injured and the beast name is well deserved. This is fell running territory and this year the 24 mile race is part of the Welsh Championships. So that’s what I’m hoping to enter (entries not open yet).  Going to need to train on some steep hills for this one so I’m looking at routes.

Then in August there’s the 32 mile Roseland Cornish coastal path ultra which will hopefully be my first ultra and will include more hills … yay!

It’s going to be an up and down year!

Sky and sea competing in a Who can be the moodiest competition