From shit to sky

The blog that keeps answering the questions you never needed to know the answer to anyway!  How long a run up does a seagull need to get airborne?

This far …. We had some sort of weird seagull race goin on I think

Just 4 miles done today to start to break in these

Dynafit Feline SL- I couldnt resist on ebay as someone was selling them as unworn as “they dont match my jeans …..” I mean really wtf? So basically I’ve rescued a pair of trail shoes from a life as fashion victims for low cost!

One thing about getting wet running to and on the beach is that you dont care about lying in streams to get good low down photos of sunsets.

Cold but worth it
Last of the sunlight

Just cliff stuff

Just a quick run today before the tide swallowed up the beach. Only a 5 mile run – I’m not sure when 5 miles became a short run but apparently it has in my mind so I’m happy to let things sit that way mentally.

Sand about to be swallowed

I don’t know why cliffs currently have my attention but they do.

Fossil hunting area, low and at an odd angle, I’m guessing faultline, then again my geology is sketchy at best despite doing a year of it at uni a long time ago
Millions of years all in layers
Prizes for spotting the seagulls just chilling at home