Weather patterns

Its been quite the week of weather, we’ve had the lot.  been out for a few runs in it and many more walks. One of the best things about owning a dog is that it forces you out no matter how you feel you have to go (I’ve had the lurgi all week). And if we dont go and do the miles every day Murph turns into a raving lunatic.  Run-wise I just got back from an 8 miler in the pissing down rain and it was great.  Everything feels spot on – well apart from the usual foot problems which I have decided simply just to ignore. It doesnt matter if I run or not things hurt simply because of the walking mileage too.   I literally cant rest cos of the dog so hey ho its suck it up and keep moving time.

Are you this happy? if not then why not? Be the dog!
Timing is everything – Tide going out and just enough sand to get along
Can you lick your own nose like this?  If not why not? No wait ….
Sun and wind make some beautiful conditions
Froth sea under a shiny sun
Crashy waves
Pissy rain has its own beauty – mainly keeping people indoors
Why? Why take a lovely natural path and build fucking steps on it. I know it probably makes life easier for hikers or something but for the love of god please stop sanitising nature in the name of convenience and safety. Argghghghghghghgh

More Speedwork under blue skies

Back to my weekday runs, feels so good not to have to rush home in the cold and dark. I’m sure that each run gets microscopically easier. It’s almost impossible to gauge progress but I think the secret like many things in life is to stick at it until something gives … its either survival or ignomious collapse in the sand

The gulls just watch me these days and dont even bother flapping away unless I get much closer. We have learned to co-exist, I give them room and they dont fly about shit on me.
Liked the way this one turned out

Wheres my snowpocalypse!?

So yesterday we were sort of promised a snowpocalyse which would surely herald the end of civilisation or something.  If you believe the press that is. It never happened so instead I just took a blustery run down to the beach and back before dark.

Dusk was looking pretty cool when I got there
The wind was helping with the crashing wave effects
Did some hill repeats up to the top of the cliffs and legged it home